Published Monday, 4th June 2018

The Council has a new Leader and Deputy Leader. Cllr Mark Brunt was elected as Leader of the Council until May 2019 at the Annual Council meeting on Thursday 24 May.

Cllr Mark BruntHe appointed Cllr Graham Knight as his deputy. Cllr Brunt also appointed his Executive, which has nine members including the Leader and Deputy:

  • Council Leader – Cllr Mark Brunt
  • Deputy Leader and Executive Member for housing and benefits – Cllr Graham Knight
  • Finance – Cllr Tony Schofield
  • Community wellbeing – Cllr Rod Ashford
  • Community safety – Cllr James Durrant
  • Economic development – Cllr Eddy Humphreys
  • Property and regeneration – Cllr Mrs Natalie Bramhall
  • Planning – Cllr Keith Foreman
  • Neighbourhood services – Cllr Alex Horwood

Cllr Brunt, who has been a councillor for Merstham ward since 2004, replaces Cllr Victor Broad who stepped down as Leader after four years in the role. Cllr Knight replaces former Deputy Leader, Cllr Dr Lynne Hack.

Leadership priorities

Cllr Brunt has set out his leadership priorities: “Housing has to be one of the Council’s top priorities. We’ve worked hard over the last few years to develop a strategy to help residents find homes. We need to take a more active role to deliver affordable, quality homes for local people. 

“Residents, quite rightly, expect that we will champion their issues, whether they are within this council’s control or not. I want the community to feel that they can bring their concerns to their local councillors and we will work hard to get all the right people together to help to find solutions.

“I want to improve communication with our residents. If we are to truly be a great council we need to demonstrate we are listening. I will work with Members up and down the borough to organise local Council Leader surgeries. Supported by local councillors, these will give residents the opportunity to voice their concerns to me directly.

“I will also maintain my active presence on social media. It’s very much a part of our lives and provides an important communications outlet to share information with our residents.”


In taking up his new role, Cllr Brunt paid tribute to Cllr Broad and thanked him for his achievements during his four years as Leader. He said: “It is through his dedication and leadership during the most difficult times that I’m inheriting a well-run and progressive council for which I am very grateful.”

Cllr Broad remains a ward councillor for the ward of Tadworth and Walton and Cllr Dr Hack, a ward member for Banstead Village.