The Housing Register

3. HomeChoice

HomeChoice is the website where those accepted on to the register can view and bid for (i.e. express an interest in) available properties.

Visit HomeChoice

Applicants will need to set up a HomeChoice account using an email address and password when they apply to join the Housing Register. Most accepted applicants will need to use this account to log in to the HomeChoice website to view and bid for properties, though some will be placed in a band where there is no bidding and they will instead be offered a property directly.

How to bid

Every week any available properties will be advertised on HomeChoice. The Council’s Housing Allocations Lettings Plan sets out the percentage of properties that will be offered to each band and the advert will state which band the property is prioritised for.

Bids can be placed any time between 00:01 on Friday until 23:59 the following Wednesday. It does not matter when within this time the bid is placed. Each week applicants can bid on up to three properties.

Only those who have bid on a property can be nominated to it.

Once bidding has closed for the week, shortlists of those who have shown interest in each property are created . The homes will be offered to the applicants who have waited the longest in the band that the properties were prioritised for. If this nomination does not proceed for any reason, the next person on the shortlisted will be contacted, and so on.

The successful applicant will be contacted. There is no need to contact us.