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1. What is the Housing Register?

The housing register is a list of households waiting for an allocation of social housing in the borough of Reigate & Banstead.

These are properties owned and managed by various housing associations. Reigate & Banstead Borough Council does not own any housing stock.

The list is split into those waiting to move into the social rented sector (‘the waiting list’) and those who already have a social tenancy in this borough but wish to transfer (‘the transfer list’).

Every application is placed into one of five bands (A-D or H) to reflect the level of housing need. In many cases, applicants making a community contribution through employment, volunteering or studying will be placed in a higher priority band than those who are not. Within each band, applications are listed in date order.

The Council operates an online choice based lettings system, which means that the majority of applicants can place bids (this just means expressing an interest) on homes that they would like to live in.  Properties are then allocated to those who have been waiting the longest.

There is a very limited supply of social housing in the borough and the demand for properties far outstrips the supply.  There are therefore strict qualifying criteria to join the register, and even for successful applicants there are long waiting times, often a number of years.

Properties are advertised to applicants on the Council's Housing Register via HomeChoice