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  2. 2. Who can apply?
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4. Applying to the Housing Register

Please ensure you read all pages in this section before making an application. You may also refer to the Council's Housing Register & Allocations Policy which can be found here for more detail.

The application process

The application is in two parts and will take approximately one hour to complete:

  1. Complete the application form via the HomeChoice website. You will be given an indication of whether you are likely to qualify. If you wish to proceed, complete and submit the rest of the application form 
  2. Provide the documentation requested at the end of the form within 21 days of submitting your application (failure to do so will mean you need to reapply). See the list of documents you must provide.

HomeChoice homepage

Before you apply, we recommend that you have the following information to hand for you and all household members:

  • Email address
  • NI number
  • address history
  • income and employment details
  • details of any welfare benefits received
  • bank details
  • medical information