Garden waste terms and conditions

The Garden Waste Service (the 'Service') is provided by Reigate and Banstead Borough Council (the 'Council') and will operate in accordance with our terms which are available as a separate document. The terms set out your rights to terminate or change the arrangement in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act 2015. This document sets out the practical matters associated with your purchase. The Service operates in all areas of the borough but is for domestic use only and is not available at commercial properties.

1. The Service runs for 12 months. You will be provided with 25 fortnightly collections. All amendments to your membership(s) should be made through your My Reigate & Banstead account.

2. Collections are made on an allocated day, although this may change due to Public Holidays. Collections are made fortnightly, expect two weeks over the Christmas period. The collection day for your property can be found on our website.

3. The Council may need to alter collections in some situations, for example during periods of severe weather. Notice of changes will be posted on our website.

4. Your garden waste bin must be placed at the boundary of your property or in the communal bin area/collection point, clearly visible from the road by 6am on the day of collection. If it is not present by this time the crew will not return until the next scheduled collection day.

5. The Service is available to residents who receive an assisted collection. Your bin should be placed so that it is clearly visible to the collection crew.

6. If access to the bin is blocked or the highway to the property is impassable, the collection crew will try to empty the bin again within two working days. If there is still no access to the bin, the crew will return on the next scheduled collection day.

7. If the bin is not visible, is overfull or contains the incorrect or unacceptable waste then the bin will not be collected. See our website for details on what items are accepted in the bin. The bin lid must be closed for safety reasons and if the crew have any other concerns about the safety of the bin they will not collect it and you must rectify the issue. The crew will attempt to collect the bin on the next scheduled collection day. If the crew continues to be unable to collect your bin this may result in the Council terminating the provision of the Service to you.

8. If your collection is missed you must contact us within two working days, so the collection can be rescheduled. If the crew has not reported a problem with the collection (see point 7), we will attempt to return within two working days.

Change in Circumstances

9. If you are moving within the borough, please manage your garden waste membership via your online My Reigate & Banstead account.

10. If you are moving out of the borough please cancel your garden waste membership via your online My Reigate & Banstead account. Please leave the brown bin available for collection by the Council.

11. If you have changed any of your contact details i.e. name, email address or telephone number, please update your records via your online My Reigate & Banstead account.

12. If you would like to alter the number of brown bins you have at your property please make the request via your online My Reigate & Banstead account.

13. If the account holder needs to be changed due to bereavement please contact the Council to arrange for membership details to be updated. This amendment will allow the new account holder to manage their garden waste service via your online My Reigate & Banstead account.

14. If you have changed your bank details please update your records via your online My Reigate & Banstead account.

Use of bin

15. The bin will be delivered within three weeks of joining. If you have not received your bin within four weeks you must report this to us via email

16. Only garden waste in the Council supplied brown bin will be emptied on the scheduled day of collection.

17. All garden waste should be placed loose in the bin. No plastic bags.

18. Only plant material should be placed in the bin (e.g. grass cuttings, hedge trimmings, weeds, prunings, dead plants, twigs and small branches, less than 10 cm in diameter). See our website for details on what items are accepted in the bin.

19. There is no limit to the number of bins you can subscribe to. All bins are to be charged at the current service rate, see website: for details.

20. All bins remain the property of the Council and you may be issued a refurbished bin rather than a brand-new bin.

21. All bins are supplied to the householder for the purpose of collecting garden waste only. The Council accepts no liability for bins used for any other purpose than for which they were intended.

22. You use the bin/s at your own risk.

23. Garden waste collected from the household becomes the property of the Council.


24. Your renewal date will be 12 months from your service start date. We will write to you three weeks before your renewal date to inform you of our intention to collect the Direct Debit. Payment will automatically be taken by Direct Debit and your membership will renew for a 12-month period unless you terminate the Service in accordance with our terms.

25. If we are unable to collect your renewal fee your service will be terminated.

26. In accordance with the Direct Debit rules, you will be notified of the next payment at least 10 days prior to the payment being taken. This notification includes the amount due.

February 2019