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To make things easy to remember we have separated the collections into:

  • Blue week for food and paper collections (and garden waste if you are a member of that service) 
  • Green week for food and paper, mixed recycling and refuse

Blue week

Blue week - food, paper and garden waste for members
Weekly Every other week
Food waste Paper and cardboard  Garden waste
Caddy, bin
Paper box
garden waste

Check what you can put in each container:

Green week

Green week - food, paper refuse and recycling
Weekly Every other week
Food waste Paper and cardboard Mixed recycling (mixed plastic, cans, glass, cartons and foil) Refuse (anything that can't be recycled)
Caddy, bin
Paper box
Mixed recycling bin
refuse bin

Check what you can put in each container:

Some things to remember

  • weekly food waste collection – specially designed lockable food caddy, line with a plastic bag or wrap your food in paper
  • weekly paper and cardboard collection using your existing black recycling box
  • mixed recycling and refuse are collected on the same day
  • alternate weekly collection of plastics, glass, cartons (i.e. Tetra Pak), foil and cans in a grey wheeled bin
  • alternate weekly refuse collection – your existing green wheeled bin
  • garden waste collection (for those who subscribe to the fortnightly service). Garden waste will be collected on the opposite week to your mixed recycling/refuse.
  • frail or vulnerable residents who cannot put out their containers can apply for an assisted collection.  We do ask that the containers can be seen from the roadside.  This means the collection crew will come in to collect and return the containers.  You can apply for this service by contacting the Customer Contact team online through our Contact us form. 

All containers must be presented for collection at the boundary of your property, adjacent to the public highway before 6am on your collection day. Check your collection dates on My Reigate & Banstead.

Replacement containers can be ordered via the replacement and additional bins page. Delivery is 10 working days.

If you have excess refuse/recycling please take it to your local Surrey County Council Community Recycling Centre.

Flats and communal bins

For more information about our waste and recycling service for flats.