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To join and enjoy the benefits of our garden waste service you will first need to register for, or login to your MyReigate&Banstead account. Thereafter you can join the scheme - please ensure you have your bank details to hand.

  • This service will provide garden waste collections every other week from the roadside edge of your property or if suitable the communal bin area
  • A single annual fee includes the rental of a single brown 240 litre wheelie bin (you can rent up to 10 bins, each bin costs an annual subscription)
  • The wheelie bin is delivered within three weeks of applying
  • If there is a brown bin at the property, please remember to tick the box that states there is a brown bin at the property
  • The fee pays for the collection service and the wheelie bin remains the property of the Council
  • The wheelie bin supplied maybe second-hand, dependent on the demand for the service
  • The Council may be unable to offer the service due to operational or access reasons
  • If you are moving within the borough, you can transfer your garden waste membership. You need to take your brown bin with you to the new address. Log into your My Reigate&Banstead account and select 'Garden waste - Move' from the A-Z of services. 
  • You can see what is allowed in your garden waste bin on the garden waste bin contents page
  • Garden waste terms and conditions


  • The garden waste service costs £68 per bin per year.
  • The service includes 25 fortnightly collections a year, covering 50 weeks (there is a 2-week break over Christmas)
  • Payment is by one annual Direct Debit payment per year.

Manage your account

You can manage many aspects of your garden waste membership online. 

  • Moving within the borough - Transfer your garden waste membership by taking your brown bin with you to your new home through your My Reigate&Banstead account from the A-Z of services. Remember to tick the box 'I am taking my brown bin'.
  • Moving out of the borough - Cancel your garden waste membership using our online form from either your My Reigate&Banstead account or from the garden waste service webpage if you don't have one. Please leave the bin(s) visible and we will collect from your property. There are no refunds if leaving part way through the membership year
  • Order additional bins – You can have multiple memberships with multiple bins at your property. Simply log in to your My Reigate&Banstead account and select Garden waste join or request additional bins from the A -Z of services
  • Order a replacement garden waste bin - Current members can also request a replacement garden waste bin
  • Unwanted bin - If you have a wheelie bin that is surplus to your needs, we can remove this for you. Please leave the bin visible and our crew will remove the bin(s) during normal activities. This will not cancel your garden waste membership.
  • Cancel - You may cancel your membership at any time. No need to create a My Reigate&Banstead account, simply use the 'Continue without an account' option. Please leave the bin(s) visible and we will collect from your property.  There are no refunds if leaving part way through the membership
  • Manage my membership - Please tell us about changes to the bank account you use to pay your annual membership fee otherwise your membership will terminate at the next renewal date. Check that your bank has transferred your direct debit too, or your membership will automatically terminate at the renewal date. You can also update your name, contact number and email address here too through your My Reigate&Banstead account from the A-Z of services
  • Reduce number of bins – you can reduce the number of garden bins held against your membership(s) through your My Reigate&Banstead account from the A-Z of services

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