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2. Manage my membership

You can manage your garden waste membership(s) from your My Reigate & Banstead account.

Moving home

Moving within the borough

Transfer your garden waste membership to your new home within the borough through your My Reigate & Banstead account from the A-Z of services. Remember to tick the box 'I am taking my brown bin' and make sure you take your brown bin with you to your new address.

Moving out of the borough

You can cancel your garden waste membership using our online form from your My Reigate & Banstead account. Please leave the bin(s) visible and we will collect from your property. There are no refunds if leaving part way through the membership year.

Order additional bins

You can have multiple memberships with multiple bins at your property. To order additional bins, simply log in to your My Reigate & Banstead account and select garden waste join or request additional bins from the A -Z of services.

Order a replacement garden waste bin

Current members can request a replacement garden waste bin.

Unwanted bin/s (e.g. a bin left by a previous occupant) 

If you have a wheelie bin that is surplus to your needs, we can remove this for you. Please leave the bin visible and our crew will remove the bin(s) during normal activities. This will not cancel your garden waste membership.

Reduce bin/s (e.g. decrease the number of bins in your membership)

You can reduce the number of garden waste bins in your membership by using your My Reigate & Banstead account.

Changes to your bank account or contact details

  • Please update your My Reigate & Banstead account with any changes to your bank account. Check that your bank has also transferred your Direct Debit, or your membership will terminate at the renewal date. 
  • If you have changed your name, contact number and/or email address and have multiple memberships, please update them all individually. 
  • Don't forget to also update your main contact details for your My Reigate & Banstead account. Click on your login name in the top right-hand corner and select 'My Profile', as any amendment to your garden waste profile will not automatically update your main contact details.

Cancel your garden waste membership

You can cancel your garden waste membership at any time. There is no need to create a My Reigate & Banstead account, simply use the 'Continue without an account' option.

Please leave the bin(s) visible and we will collect from your property. 

There are no refunds if leaving part way through the membership.

Your garden waste membership runs separately to any council tax or business rates account you have with us. If you cancel either of these payments, it will not affect your garden waste membership - any amendments to this will need to be made separately.