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  1. 1. Informal stage
  2. 2. Stage 1 complaints
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  4. 4. Who is informed of your complaint?
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3. Stage 2 complaints

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation at stage 1, or your complaint is about a particular Head of Service, you can write to the Chief Executive’s Department where a separate, independent internal investigation of the complaint will be carried out.

Here we will re-examine evidence and policy and will give a judgement to either uphold the original decision or offer a new solution. An acknowledgement will be sent within three days and a full response (or reason why one cannot be given and when one can be expected) within 21 working days.

To progress your complaint to stage 2 of the process, email: Please include your name and stage 1 reference number e.g. CC-12345678  in the subject line.

It is important that you don’t simply reiterate the complaint you made at stage 1 but address the following points:

  • Were any of the issues addressed in your stage 1 complaint not covered in the response?
  • Were any of the factual findings provided at the stage 1 response incorrect?
  • other reasons, please elaborate on the specific matters that you require to be investigated at stage 2