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4. In-kind support

The Council has identified a number of additional ways in which it could offer 'In-kind' support to voluntary and community sector organisations in the borough to assist them in delivering their valuable services.

This includes:

Room Hire

Currently on hold due to coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions.

Printing Services

At cost services include bulk printing, leaflets, reports, training material, handbooks, posters etc. Colour copies, laminating, binding, folders etc. can all be provided at an additional cost.

Please find the detail of basic costs outlined below:

* amounts with over 2 decimal places are technical figures from our print room

Printing Black and White


Binding Sheets 100


Printing Colour


Paper (90 gsm)

*0.00410 per sheet

Paper 80 gsm 1 box (2500 sheets )


Paper (80 gsm)

*0.00438 per sheet

Paper 90 gsm 1 box (2500 sheets )


Card (160 gsm)

*0.010 per sheet

Card 160 gsm (250 sheets)



*0.054 per comb

Laminating sheets A4 (per 100)


Binding Sheets

*0.034 per cover

Laminating sheets A3 (per 100)



*0.068 per A3

Combs 19 mm per 100



*0.046 per A4

Example: 100 copies of a 25-page document, double sided, stapled, paper, colour =£113.63

Making an order

All orders should be made via the Council’s Support Services Team. To discuss your specific requirements, you will need to contact them

  • A minimum of one weeks’ notice is required for all orders.
  • Orders must be for bulk copying e.g. not 5 copies (minimum of 20 copies).
  • Orders will need to be picked up by the relevant organisation, by arrangement, from the reception Desk at the Town Hall. Unfortunately, orders cannot be sent via post or courier.

Organisations will be invoiced for payment and all invoices should be settled within a 30-day period.