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1. What is a complaint?

The Complaints Scheme is used when there has been some form of persistent service failure and you believe it to be the Council’s fault. We do not treat requests for service as complaints, for example if your bin has not been collected, we will arrange for the matter to be dealt with in line with normal service delivery.

The Complaints Procedure should not be used for:

  • a request for certain information or an explanation of council policy (such as why the Council Tax is set at a certain level)
  • matters for which there is a right to appeal to an independent tribunal (such as Planning applications, Benefit Decisions ...)
  • matters of which you can go to court about

If you are dissatisfied with the service you have received you should in the first instance contact the relevant department who should be able to resolve the problem quickly without having to use the formal complaints procedure. You can do this using the link below:

For bin related enquiries you should in the first instance contact us using the links below:

If you still wish to make a corporate complaint you can do so using the form on the page below:

Making a corporate complaint