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  1. 1. What is a complaint?
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  3. 3. Complaints procedure

2. Making a corporate complaint

We aim to:

  • make it easy for you to complain
  • acknowledge your complaint promptly
  • ensure we thoroughly investigate complaints
  • keep you informed of the progress and the outcome of your complaint
  • refer your complaint to the appropriate partner organisation, if required, and seek to work with them to resolve the complaint
  • make a fair decision
  • treat you with respect and act honestly
  • put things right and make improvements for the future, where we can
  • provide an explanation where we feel the complaint is not justified
  • centrally monitor complaints across the council

We have standards of response times for complaints, although we recognise that some complaints may be far more complex than others. If this is the case we shall let you know the anticipated length of time involved to investigate.

If your complaint refers to matters of a personal nature and we need to refer it to a third party, we will seek your consent first before doing so.

To enable us to investigate your complaint, please provide as much detail as you can.

Formal complaint online form

Complaints about councillors

Please see our councillor code of conduct page for details and the complaints form.