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  1. 1. Joining the Housing Register
  2. 2. Rules for joining the Housing Register
  3. 3. Assessing housing need
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5. How to apply to join the register?

Existing social housing tenants in the borough who meet the qualification rules can apply to join the register as Transfer applicants. Other applicants who meet our eligibility and qualification rules and have a housing need as defined in bands A-D can also apply to join the Council's register as Home Seekers.

Anyone wishing to join the register must complete a:

Housing register application form

Please note: Affordable housing is in short supply in the borough. The affordable housing that exists here provides a much valued opportunity for settled accommodation for those who qualify for it and need it. Therefore, the Council takes a strong approach to dealing with fraudulent applications and false information. All applications will be subject to a referral to the Councils Fraud and Prevention team and by completing the form you are consenting to this.

After completing your Housing Register application form, you must provide the documents listed in the following PDF download, within 21 days, to enable us to accurately assess your form: Documents you must provide with your Housing Register application form (PDF)

Further advice and information about the register can be obtained from the Housing Register Team:

  • Telephone number: 01737 276790

Other forms

*(Existing housing association tenants seeking a transfer should still apply to their landlord for assistance as some landlords operate their own transfer waiting lists. This does not apply to Raven Housing Trust: since October 2009 Raven tenants must apply through the Council should they wish to transfer.)