Joining the Housing Register

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  1. 1. Joining the Housing Register
  2. 2. You are here: Rules for joining the Housing Register
  3. 3. Assessing housing need
  1. 4. Who can use HomeChoice
  2. 5. How to apply to join the register?
  3. 6. Informing us of a change in your circumstances

2. Rules for joining the Housing Register

The following qualification rules have been set to ensure that households with the highest need are prioritised. The following applicants will not qualify:

  • a person from abroad is subject to immigration control under the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996, except where regulations prescribe otherwise
  • a person from abroad is excluded from being allocated housing by regulations issued by the Secretary of State
  • applicants with no local connection to the borough
  • applicants with a household annual income or capital above the limits in our policy
  • homeowners or applicants who previously exercised the Right to Buy
  • applicants with rent or Council Tax arrears
  • applicants with a proven record of anti-social behaviour

Band C applicants who are unable to demonstrate a Community Contribution through employment, volunteering, training or education will be placed in band D. More information about the Community Contribution is available in the Housing Register and Allocations Policy.

All applications will be assessed in accordance with the Housing Register and Allocations Policy (PDF).