Published Monday, 11th November 2019

With a general election scheduled for Thursday 12 December, we are urge any residents who are not already registered to vote, to make sure they do so in plenty of time. 

Got 5? text over image of bath runningThe deadline to register is midnight on Tuesday 26 November. Anyone not already registered at their current address should register online.

Away on polling day?

If you will be unable to cast your vote in person on 12 December, you are encouraged to apply for a postal or proxy vote as soon as possible.

To vote by post, the deadline to apply is 5pm on Tuesday 26 November. For a proxy vote, which allows you to nominate someone to cast your vote for you, your application must be received by 5pm on Wednesday 4 December.

It only takes five minutes

John Jory, Electoral Registration Officer for Reigate & Banstead, said: “This election is an opportunity to have your say on who will represent you in Parliament. I urge everyone in Reigate & Banstead who is not already registered to vote to do so now – it takes less than five minutes.

“If you’ve moved home in the past few months, make sure you’re registered at your current address. Often people think that applying to pay council tax means you are added to the electoral register too, but that is not the case.

“If you need a postal or proxy vote for this election, please apply promptly to receive it in good time.”

Registering to vote also helps to keep your credit score up to date.

Horley Town Council by-election

Electors in Horley Town Council’s West ward will also have the chance to vote for their new representative in a by-election.

More information

If you’re not sure whether you are registered or not, you can check by emailing our Elections team or by giving us a call on 01737 276794.

For more information see the Parliamentery elections page and the Horley Town Council By-election page.