Air quality

The council’s activities to protect and improve air quality.

Air Quality Management

We monitor air pollution at a number of sites in the Borough, and use this information to plan improvements for the future. Enter the air quality management section.

Pollution Warning Service for Residents with Respiratory Problems (airAlert)

Pollution levels within the borough occasionally reach levels capable of affecting residents with pre existing respiratory problems such as severe asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, or more generally COPD. For residents with such conditions a free pollution alert service is available to give users advanced warning of elevated pollution levels. For further information see the Pollution Alert Service page.

Atmospheric Pollution Complaints

We investigate problems of agricultural and industrial smells, dust and other emissions from all types of premises and smoke from chimneys or bonfires. For more information see our atmospheric pollution section.

Clean Air Act Approval

Chimney heights - the approval of the height of chimneys serving certain furnaces. Read about the Clean Air Act and Clean Air Act Approval.

Industrial Pollution Regulation

We authorise and inspect certain types of industry in relation to air pollution emissions. Read about industrial pollution.