Air quality management

Information about air quality and pollution levels in the borough, and what we are doing to improve air quality locally.

You can find an introduction to the issue of air pollution both locally and nationally on our air quality overview page.

You can read details about the air quality review and assessment procedures that the Council is undertaking and copies of the reports to download can be found on our air quality review page.

Although there are seven different atmospheric pollutants that the Council monitors, only one might exceed government limits in Reigate and Banstead - nitrogen dioxide. For more information about nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants see the pollutants page.

To access the most up to date information on pollution levels in the Borough, see the current levels page.

People using this site for research purposes can look at our education and research page. The page contains details of the current monitoring programme in the Borough, and gives advice to people interested in conducting their own air quality research in the Borough.

It also includes links to Higher Education establishment websites.

Finally, for a national perspective, click on Around the UK.