Education and research on air quality

Information about air quality to assist academics, students and anyone carrying out research.

Apart from three council real time monitoring sites (two in Horley (NOx, PM10 - TEOM), and one to the south of Gatwick Airport (NOx, 03), a range of other real time monitoring sites have been in operation around the Borough for short periods (3 months - 1 year) including the north and south carriage ways on the M25 (NOx, PM10 - TEOM).

The Council also operates a small NO2 diffusion tube network of around 80 tubes (50 % TEA in acetone, analysed by Lambeth Scientific Services).

Tubes are changed in line with the UK wide diffusion tube network and consist of a mix of long term sample sites going back over 15 years, and areas of high density sampling to look at spatial distributions.

The council also 'operates' a few ozone, and BTEX (VOC) diffusion tubes.

While most of the real time data is available from the UK air pollution archives, if you would like data / information from our other sources please contact the Air Quality Officer at Reigate & Banstead Borough Council on 01737 276000.

If you are interested in sampling, or are sampling, in the Borough we would also like to hear from you. Again contact the Air Quality Officer at Reigate and Banstead Council on 01737 276000.

Listed below is a selection of links to university sites around the UK involved in air pollution research and its health effects.