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1. The way we monitor air quality in the borough

We have a duty by law to review and assess air quality in the borough on a regular basis, to ensure that the various pollutants are below their respective limit values set by the Government.

Updating and Screening Assessment exercise

Updating and Screening Assessment exercise examines what, if any, factors have changed in the borough since the last assessment that might have led to a deterioration in air quality (e.g. new roads, increased traffic flows on existing roads, new industry etc.).

If this assessment identifies any areas where there are potential breaches of the air quality standards, then a detailed assessment must be undertaken of the area(s).

If after this review is completed the results still indicate that pollution levels are likely to exceed government limits local authorities declare Air Quality Management Areas.

An Action Plan is then produced which details how the Council will go about reducing the levels of that pollutant.

Levels below government limits

In Reigate & Banstead, we found that air pollution in most areas of the borough is well below the government limits for all pollutants.

The pollutant identified as a potential problem in certain areas of the borough was Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), and following computer modelling and subsequent monitoring the council has nine Air Quality Management Areas.

Air Quality Management Areas

  1. Along the M25 (AQMA Order 1 and Map PDF)
  2. An area of south Horley near to Gatwick Airport (AQMA Order 3 and Map PDF)
  3. An individual property on the A217 near Blackhorse Lane (AQMA Order 6 and Map PDF)
  4. Junction of the A2022, A240, B291 (Drift Bridge) in Banstead (AQMA Order 8 PDF)
  5. Reigate High Street, including sections of Church Street, Bell Street, West Street, and London Road (AQMA Order 9 PDF). Note: This replaces order number 7 which covered only Reigate High Street, and the section of Church Street between the High Street and Bancroft Road.
  6. A23 Merstham High Street (AQMA Order 10 PDF)
  7. A217 Reigate Hill (AQMA Order 11 PDF)
  8. A23 / Redhill Town Centre (AQMA Order 12 PDF)
  9. A23 Hooley (AQMA Order 13 PDF)

The air quality management areas covering the M23 to the south of the M25, A217 / Rushworth Road, and the A23 near Dean Lane, orders 2, 4, and 5 respectively, were revoked on 4th September 2013 (Revocation order PDF) as the air quality standards for nitrogen dioxide are now being met at these sites.


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