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Our approach to recycling and refuse

We care about the future of the local environment, and we are involved in a wide range of initiatives to minimise waste, increase recycling and provide a sustainable future for us all.

We provide a household kerbside collection service for paper & cardboard; plastic bottles, pots, tubs & trays; cans, foil & aerosols; cartons (foil & waxed lined); glass bottles & jars; and food waste, which is currently available to over 80% of householders.

Corporate Plan

Recycling sites

We also have about 40 recycling sites located across the Borough for residents who may not have access to recycling at home. These sites provide recycling for paper & cardboard; plastic bottles, pots, tubs & trays; cans, foil & aerosols; glass bottles & jars; and textiles.

Garden Waste Service 

The Council runs a Garden Waste Service which involves house to house collections throughout the borough.

Reusable nappies

  • Go Real Facebook page - we encourage the use real nappies. Go Real tells you how to get started, which real nappy to use, has top tips and advice.