Naming the rubbish trucks

Naming the new rubbish trucks

In 2020 we began replacing our old waste and recycling fleet to improve reliability and efficiency.

The new trucks will help us to be cleaner and greener as the Euro VI diesel engine will reduce harmful emissions and the electric bin lift will be quieter and reduce fuel usage.

Your help to name the trucks

Our crews were so impressed with their new teammates they wanted to give them a name and, to thank residents for their support during the pandemic, they asked residents to help them.

Almost 250 people took part and it was a tough decision for the crews to choose their favourites. In September 2020, the first 11 trucks started their rounds and in May 2021 they were joined by another 4 friends.

The full list of names is below. Hopefully you’ll see them out and about in a street near you:

  • Bin(g) Crosby 
  • Bin Diesel
  • Binderella
  • Dusty Bin
  • The Flying Dustman
  • Gabby Garbage
  • The Hulk
  • Humpty Dumpy
  • Johnny Trash
  • Monster Mash
  • Puffa Wagon
  • Stig of the Dump
  • Stirling Muck
  • Trash Gordon
  • Trucky Truckerson

Thank you to everyone who submitted name suggestions.

The named rubbish trucks

Make a BIG difference

The ‘Make a BIG Difference’ campaign, which covers the new trucks, aims to encourage residents to continue to play their part in recycling as much of the borough’s waste as possible.

Dusty Bin rubbish truck