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Vehicle licensing

2. Hackney Carriage Vehicle New Application

This page is intended for new Hackney Carriage Vehicles. If you have an existing vehicle with us you must use the renewal application form. 

Please Note: On 9 April 2018 we changed our licensing software system and as such our ways of working have also changed. If you have licenced a vehicle before with us please be aware that we no longer issue a Vehicle Declaration Document. As such you do not need to present a Vehicle Declaration Document at your Depot Appointment. 

Six stage application process

You will be bound by the terms below, so please ensure you read and understand the full procedure information before applying.

Stage 1) Read and understand our policy, conditions and regulations concerning vehicle licensing. 

We have put extensive information regarding the licensing process, our fees, our policies and condition on our webpages to help our customers. We strongly advise all customers to read and understand our licensing webpages relevant to your application before proceeding to apply for a licence.

Stage 2) Check you have the required information, documents and means of making payment before commencing you application

In Stage 3 you will make your online application and payment to us via a webform hosted by a company called Idox.  In Stage 4 you will need to book and pay for your vehicle appointment at our depot. We recommend you ensure you have the following to hand before starting to make you application.

  1. Means of making an online payment e.g credit or debit card and you have the permission of the card holder to do so.
  2. Know the vehicle registration.
  3. Vehicle Bill of Sale (not required at application phase BUT will need to present at the depot at your appointment).
  4. Vehicle Insurance Documents (not required at application phase BUT will need to present at the depot at your appointment).
  5. Vehicle Log Book, minimum required V5C green slip if full log book not held. (not required at application phase BUT will need to present at the depot at your appointment).
  6. Our Guide to Making an Application Guidance Document.

Please note: The Council will not licence vehicle over the age of 7 years for 'new' applications. This is inline with the Council's policy and conditions.

Stage 3) Apply for a Hackney Carriage new vehicle licence

Please see our application guidance document above to assist you with your application To make your application click on the green button below:

Hackney Carriage New Vehicle Licence Application

When you have made your application successfully proceed to Stage 4 below where you MUST book and pay for your appointment at our depot. 

Stage 4) Book and Pay for an appointment at our depot.

Stage 4 should only be started once you have successfully submitted your vehicle licence application. If you have not made your licence application we will NOT be able to plate your vehicle.

Book and Pay for a Depot Appointment

Oct 19 Note: Please note when booking and paying for your vehicle appointment it may take longer than usual for our payment system to take your payment so please be patient as we have had reports of drivers double booking and not leaving enough time for the payment to go through. 

Stage 5) Attend your appointment at our depot

When you have booked in your appointment at our Earlswood Depot, Horley Rd, Redhill RH1 6PN please make a note of the date and time you are booked for and attend your appointment. Important information about your appointment at our depot will be emailed to you, please read the email and click on the weblink to access this important information. Please see also the document below that contains important information on what you must bring with you to your appointment and where to find the MOT testing centre at our Depot site.

Important Information Depot Vehicle Appointments

Stage 6) Become licensed

Upon the successful completion of your vehicle checks and given that you have provided all the required paper work your vehicle will be licenced and plated at our Depot.