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2. All Renewing Drivers

Welcome to our dedicated application advice page. This page is intended to help applicants that have recently applied and paid to renew a Private Hire or Hackney Carriage Driver Licence. Please read and follow the information below carefully as we inform you how to continue your application. You need to apply for your own DBS and DVLA checks, directly to "Licence Check" for the DVLA check (you will receive a separate email within 5 working days) and "GBG" for the DBS check. You must follow all the instructions below. 

DVLA and DBS Checks

Click on the link below to open or download a PDF called 'DVLA & DBS Information Document' to find out how you can do your checks and follow the instructions carefully. You can't complete the DBS check without this document as it includes essential login information ('Org Pin' & 'Secret Word'). If anything is unclear you need to ask a friend or family member for help.

Please note: Within 5 working days of submitting you application to Reigate & Banstead you will receive an email from a company called 'Licence Check'. You won't be able to start your DVLA check process (Licence Check) until you have received this email. 

DVLA & DBS Information Document 

During the application process, your DVLA, DBS checks and medical are all valid for 6 months so if you are not ready to be licensed within 6 months, you will need to redo the check(s). We will tell you if you need to redo any of them. You do not need to contact us when you receive the result of these checks as we receive Electronic notification. We will only contact you if we need to clarify anything.

DBS Update Service - we can only accept this if you have paid for it and the certificate is for an Enhanced DBS where the "Position applied for" is "Other Workforce" AND "Taxi, Private Hire Driver". We will need to see the original certificate so we recommend you bring it to one of our Document Drop In Sessions. See for more details.

The Immigration Act 2016 requires you to show us your original documents that demonstrate you have the right to work in the UK e.g. your passport or biometric card. We need to check your immigration status once after 1 December 2016* (and repeatedly for those who have limited permission to be in the UK until such time as they can demonstrate that they are entitled to remain indefinitely in the UK). You must bring the document(s) to a Document Drop In Sessions.

Medical Form- for those over 45 at the Renewal Date or over 65 and required to have a yearly medical

You must supply a fully completed copy of your medical form. You must complete Page 1 and a GP from the medical practice you are registered at must fully complete the rest. The form can be downloaded below in PDF format:

Driver Medical Form 

Make sure your GP fully completes every single question and lists all medications - we often have to send Medical forms back as they have not been completed properly so check yourself before you give it to us. Please note that your GP must complete all the eyesight questions; we will not accept an opticians report instead of the Snellen chart.

You may email the form to or hand deliver a photocopy into Reception. You can supply it at any stage of your application but make sure we have time to resolve any queries otherwise it will delay the renewal. We may ask you for the original form so you must keep it for the duration of the licence or until it is replaced by a newer medical.

Over 65? 

You will be issued with an annual licence each year (subject to a satisfactory medical) for 3 years. At which point you will need to apply to renew your licence and compete the necessary checks ie DBS,  DVLA .

The expiry date on your licence will coincide with the 'Group 2 Medical' expiry. In each of the second and third years you will need to supply a new medical report in plenty of time before the expiry date on your licence.  When we have determined the medical is satisfactory, we will issue you with a new badge with a revised expiry date. 


Further information on documents required to be provided as part of your application can be found on our Document Guidance Webpage.

Documents can be provided to us at one of our driver Document Drop In Session.

Contact Us

 We are confident you will be able to find all the supporting information you will need in relation to making your application on our webpages and in our guidance documents. If required, you can contact the Licensing Team via email at  Our telephone lines are open 10am-12 midday and 2pm - 4pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 2pm-4pm on Wednesday.

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