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Vehicle licensing

1. Vehicles licensing

Vehicle licence applications

Important Notice as of 9 April 2018 we have changed the way we administer our vehicle licensing process. Please click on the relevant link above that best describes your situation to proceed with your vehicle licence application.

If you are looking to renew a vehicle licence and you have previously been issued a unique code to renew your vehicle (prior to 9th April 2018) this code is no longer valid. To renew your licence you will need a new unique alphanumeric code that looks similar to this e.g NJT0LWMV0K890 (no code is required for just a vehicle inspection (Interim Check). This new code would have been issued to your recently over email. If you do not have a code similar to this on a recent email, or you have not provided us with an email address please call the licensing team on 01737 276672 and we will provide you with this code so you can proceed with your licence renewal.