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6. Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support

Single person discount 

The full council tax bill assumes that there are at least two adults living in a dwelling. If only one adult lives in a dwelling (as their main home), the council tax bill will be reduced by 25%. See more on the discounts for council tax page.

Housing Benefit & Council Tax Reduction

To claim housing or council tax support you will need to complete the online application form. If you are unable to access the internet at home call the Benefits Section on 01737 276497 and someone in the team will be able to advise.

Discount for sever mental impairment 

If there are 2 adults in a home and one has dementia, they could get a 25% reduction in their council tax. The person with dementia will need to get proof of severe mental impairment from a medical professional and be receiving attendance allowance. The application form and further details can be found in the Disregard discounts page on the council website.