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4. Water

Did you know the average domestic CO2 per person in Reigate & Banstead for 2019 was 1.59 tonnes but the English average the same year was 1.38 tonnes?  (Source:

Reducing water consumption

Saving water, much like saving energy, makes good commercial sense as well as benefitting the environment. Here are some tips on making your business more water-efficient:

  • Retro-fit water saving devices in the workplace – dual flush toilets, cistern water savers, tap aerators and thermostatic valves can all help. Visit Water Plus for more information
  • Recycle your water – installing a water butt can help cover your green space maintenance needs – and rainwater is free!
  • Engage and train your workforce – speak to your staff about water saving initiatives and what they can do to help. UK charity WRAP offers free advice.

If you’re considering a new development, take a look at the construction section below.

For more advice and ideas, you can head to the advice pages at OFWAT (the government department for water) or the Energy Saving Trust.

Refill – the water refill network

If you’re keen to help fight tackle plastic waste, you can also get involved with Refill, the water refill network that’s connecting people to places they can eat, drink and shop without the packaging. There are opportunities to provide refill and reuse options, carry out a plastic audit and collaborate directly with Refill on a range of projects. 

Did you know the refill campaign saved around 1,000,000,000 plastic bottles entering the global waste stream in 2019? (Source: Refill)