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8. Great British Insulation Scheme

You can now apply for the local version of the Great British Insulation Scheme (Action Surrey website) or call 0800 783 2503

The local version uses Action Surrey's trusted installers. 

Apply for GBIS via Action Surrey

Home insulation you can get

You may be able to get money towards the installation of:

  • cavity wall insulation
  • solid wall insulation (internal or external)
  • loft insulation
  • flat or pitched roof insulation
  • underfloor insulation
  • solid floor insulation
  • park home insulation
  • room-in-roof insulation

You might get support if your home:

  • has an energy performance certificate (EPC) of D to G
  • is in Council Tax bands A-D

You can apply through the nationwide offer too 

This scheme runs through your energy supplier. They’ll arrange an assessment of the property. You may need to pay towards the costs depending on this assessment. You can decide not to go ahead if you do not agree with the assessment or costs

You can now apply for support from the Great British Insulation Scheme ( website) or you can call 0800 098 7950