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7. Sustainable Warmth Grant

Some households in Surrey may be eligible for a government grant to fund energy-efficiency works. Energy-saving improvements could make your home more efficient, keeping a lid on rising energy prices and saving climate damaging carbon.

Apply now - from October 2022

Details for how to apply and specific eligibility can be found at New Grant Funding Available (Action Surrey website) or call 0800 783 2503. 

Energy and cost-saving upgrades that you may be able to get for your home:

  • insulation and ventilation upgrades
  • an upgrade to a low carbon heating system (the new heating system cannot include a gas or oil boiler)
  • heating controls
  • Solar PV (that generates free electricity)
  • energy efficient lighting

Grant available

There is up to £10,000 available for these measures with more available for off gas grid properties.

Grant eligibility 

The fund is aimed at low income, low Energy Performance (EPC) rated private properties. Rented properties might also be eligible if the landlord also contributes.


The Surrey Matters Podcast Ep.8 featured an interview about Sustainable Warmth which explains what's available and how it works. From 11.30 mins to 17.30 mins.


We aren't administering this scheme, contact Action Surrey directly. They are delivering the scheme Surrey wide on behalf of the councils.