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3. Other considerations for holding a street party


There is no fee for this service.


If you are granted permission to close the road you will need to put up appropriate signs to inform road users. The Council does not have road signs that you can borrow and recommends that you hire appropriate signs from a local hire centre. A selection of local hire centres can be found on the yellow pages website.

Insurance for a small street party or fête

The Council recommends that you should obtain Public Liability Insurance with a minimum cover of £2m.
Insurance starts from as little as £50. The costs can be split between residents or you could ask for donations to help cover them.

The Big Lunch and Streets Alive websites offer advice on getting insurance for small street parties.

Risk assessments for small events are not normally required, however, one may be required if the road you intend to close provides access to a wider residential area.

Emergency planning

You should ensure that:

  • emergency services can get access if they need to
  • if at all possible, someone trained in first aid is on hand

Food and safety

Make sure food has been prepared in a hygienic manner and stored at an appropriate temperature. The food safety section of our website provides information and advice about food safety and hygiene for the public.

Download our Food and safety fact sheet (PDF document [34.7Kb]) for people wishing to hold an event or street party.

Recycling and waste

Plan what you will do with any extra waste from your street party. You should consider:

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