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2. Getting permission to hold a small street party or fete

Street Party applications are now open again - please note they will only be approved subject to Environmental Health and Covid guidelines being adhered too. 

Use this form if you are planning to hold a street party for the Jubilee on Sunday 5th June as part of the Jubilee Big Lunch. 

As has been previously stated on this website, applications received after 29th April 2022 are unlikely to be approved as 6 week’s advance notice is required in order to consult Surrey Police, Surrey County Council (the Highway Authority) and to notify bus companies, and statutory  undertakers (gas, water, electricity) etc.

If you want to hold a small street party or fete you will need to inform the Council.

Your request should be made by using the downloadable PDF below or by completing the online form below. The form should be returned in accordance with the directions included within it:

You must check that the views of everyone in the road have been taken into account before we are able to give permission for the event.

You should allow six weeks notice before the day of the event as a minimum.

Larger public events attracting more people will require a different process. If you intend to hold a larger event you should begin by reviewing our Temporary Event Licence page.

Closing a road for a party

If your street is used by through traffic you will need to send the council a traffic plan. This must show how much of the road is to be closed and an alternative route for traffic.

While the Council will make contact with emergency services and relevant bus companies on your behalf, you should ensure that if you have already made contact with them the names and contact details of the people who you dealt with are provided.

We’ll also check with Surrey County Council that no road works are planned and that surrounding roads are still accessible.