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1. What counts as a small street party?

Organising small private street parties and fête's can be very simple and generally does not include activities that need a licence.

However, if you want to sell alcohol or intend to provide entertainment to the wider public, or charge to raise money for your event, you will need a Temporary Event Licence.

The main difference between a small street party, fête's and larger public events are listed below.

Street parties and fêtes:

  • for residents or neighbours only
  • publicity only to residents
  • self organised
  • no licences normally necessary if music is incidental and no selling is involved
  • no formal risk assessment needed
  • we recommend that you take out Public Liability Insurance with a minimum of £2m cover.

Larger public events:

  • anyone can attend
  • external publicity (such as newspapers)
  • professional or skilled organisers
  • licences usually needed
  • insurance needed
  • risk assessment common