• This service will provide collections every other week from the edge of your property or if suitable the communal bin area .
  • One annual fee is for a brown 240 litre bin (you can have up to 10 bins, each bin costs an annual subscription).
  • The bin is delivered within three weeks of applying.
  • The fee pays for the service and the bin remains our property
  • The bin may be secondhand dependant on the demand for the service
  • The Coucil may refuse to offer the service due to operational reasons.
  • If you are moving within the borough, you can transfer your garden waste membership.  You will need to move your brown bin with you to the new address and directly notify the Council of your actions on 01737 276000 or via our contact us online form.
  • You can see what is allowed in your garden waste bin on the garden waste bin contents page.
  • Garden waste terms and conditions (PDF)


  • The service costs £55 per bin per year.
  • The service includes 25 fortnightly collections a year, covering 50 weeks (there is a break over Christmas).
  • Payment is by Direct Debit only, this can be arranged online or over the phone when you join.
  • If you change your bank account please check that your bank has transferred your direct debit or your membership will automatically terminate at the renewal date.

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