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What can go in each container

This is a summary of material that can go in each one.

Food waste containersPaper and cardboard recycling box

Mixed recycling bin

Refuse bin
Green and grey food caddy Smaller black bin Black bin Tall green bin 
  • Raw and cooked meat and fish

  • Dairy products

  • Bread, cake, pastries and biscuits

  • Rice, pasta, beans and pulses

  • Fruit and vegetables

  • Leftovers and out of date food

  • Tea bags and coffee grounds

  • Pet food

  • Newspaper liners

  • Cornstarch liners

  • Used kitchen roll

  • Compostable liners

See food waste example pictures on the food waste page.


  • Any paper and cardboard including magazines and phone directories

  • Junk mail

  • Shredded paper (contained in an envelope or cardboard box)

  • Cereal boxes

  • Greetings cards and non-foil wrapping paper/crackers

Material must be placed loose into the bin and not in plastic bags.

  • All plastic bottles

  • Plastic pots, tubs and trays

  • Loose and empty carrier bags

  • Plastic film (acetate, plastic wrapping)

  • Food packaging

  • Mixed cans and tins

  • Glass bottles and jars

  • Tetra Paks and cartons

  • Foil including food trays

  • Aerosols (not DIY or gardening ones)

  • Bottle and jar tops

See pictures of items allowed on the mixed recycling bin page.

Things you cannot reuse or recycle:

  • Nappies and pet litter (in plastic bags)

  • Polystyrene/fruit trays

  • Bubble wrap

  • Sanitary items

  • Chinaware, plates, mugs etc

  • Mirrors, window panes, glass cookware, glasses etc (securely wrapped)

  • Plastic flower pots/trays

  • Wrappers (biscuits/crisps)

  • Cling Film

  • Tubes (toothpaste)

  • Roll on deodorants

  • Pet Food wrappers

Outdoor container
height - 37cm
width - 28cm
depth - 28cm
Indoor caddy
height - 20cm
width - 23cm
depth - 18cm


Mixed recycling bin
height - 107cm
width - 48cm
depth - 55.5cm

Refuse bin
height - 107cm
width - 48cm
depth - 55.5cm

Light bulbs and water filters can be recycled at the Surrey County Council community recycling centre at Earlswood and Epsom. Water filters can also be recycled at local retail shops e.g. Robert Dyas.

Please rinse items before putting them in your mixed recycling bin.

Food waste

We collect food waste every week. Emptying your kitchen caddy regularly into the lockable outside food container and rinsing it out should avoid food smelling. Line your kitchen caddy with newspaper or corn starch/compostable liners. You can also line your outside bin with newspaper too. Corn starch/compostable liners are available at your local supermarket or online.


Visit our A-Z of recycling page  to see where to recycle your items

Visit our recycling page to find out details of our recycling centres for items you cannot recycle at home or call Customer Services.



Last updated : 20/09/2013

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