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1. About street naming and numbering

The correct addressing of a property is a very important issue. Many organisations, such as the emergency services and Royal Mail need an effective means of locating and referring to specific properties.

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council is the street naming and numbering authority for the borough. The Address and Gazetteer Officer provides the main point of contact for addressing issues such as naming streets, numbering new properties and changing an existing name or adding a name to your address.

You need to apply to the council for street naming and numbering if you are:

  • changing a house name
  • giving a house a new name
  • creating a new property or properties
  • naming a new road
  • dividing a house or unit
  • merging addresses
  • creating a new commercial (non-residential) unit or units

You will find further guidance information as part of our application process.