Published Monday, 12th March 2018

On Thursday 3 May residents in Reigate & Banstead will go to the polls to have their say on who represents them at a local level. 

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council elections select councillors who are responsible for making decisions on running services in your local area. These include planning, parks, leisure, housing, public safety and recycling and waste.

Image asks 'Got 5?' Register to vote by 17 April for local elections on 3 May 2018Are you registered?

In order to vote in this important election, residents must be on the electoral register. The deadline to register to vote is midnight on Tuesday 17 April. You can apply online at It takes just five minutes.

The Council is urging residents who have not already registered at their current address to make sure they do so in time. 

John Jory, Electoral Registration Officer for Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, said: “Time is running out to make sure you can take part in the local elections. They are an opportunity to make your voice heard and have a say on who
represents you on issues that directly affect day-to-day life here in Reigate & Banstead. But if you’re not registered by 17 April, you won’t be able to vote.”

It takes five minutes online

Phillippa Saray, Electoral Commission Regional Manager for the East and South East of England, said: “If you have turned 18, or if you have moved home recently, it’s particularly important that you act to ensure that you are registered.
It takes just five minutes online and means that you can take part in this important election.”  

If you are already registered to vote and your details have not changed, you will still be registered. If in doubt, you can check by calling our elections helpline on 01737 276794. 

Registering to vote also helps to keep your credit score up to date. Credit reference agencies use the Electoral Register to check your address, so it can be harder to get credit if you are not on it. 

Where will you be on 3 May?

If you think you will be unable to get to a polling station on 3 May, make sure you apply for a postal or proxy vote as soon as possible so you can still have your say. To apply visit 

The deadline to apply to vote by post is 5pm on Wednesday 18 April. You must have already registered to vote.

To appoint a proxy - someone you trust to vote on your behalf - you need to apply by 5pm on Wednesday 25 April. You and your proxy must both be registered to vote. Your proxy must be able to get to your polling station to cast your vote.
If the person you appoint needs a postal vote they must apply by 5pm on 18 April.