Published Friday, 25th August 2017

Households living in Reigate & Banstead have been sent an important form asking them to check and update information that appears on the electoral register for their address. 

Are you missing from the annual canvass form? Tell us and have your say in future elections.The Council is asking residents to make sure that they respond to their household enquiry from as soon as possible. Canvassers will be calling at homes that have not replied over the coming weeks.

The annual check ensures that the electoral register is kept up to date and helps to identify residents who are not registered to vote so that they can be invited to do so. The form will also tell residents if they are on the ‘open register’.  

With local elections taking place in May 2018, this is an important opportunity for residents to make sure they will be able to take part.

Are your details correct?

John Jory, Electoral Registration Officer at Reigate & Banstead Borough Council said: “Anyone who wants to vote must be registered. It’s important that residents respond as soon as possible, so we can make sure we have the right details on the electoral register for every address the borough. The easiest way is online at The letter tells you the other ways to reply. In the coming weeks we will visit the homes of people who haven’t responded, so the sooner you respond the better.

“If you’re not registered to vote, your name won’t be on the form. It’s important that you respond so that we can send you information about how to do this, or you can go online to register at

“Registering to vote also helps to keep your credit reference up to date."

Have you moved recently?

People who have moved address recently or are a first time voter are particularly encouraged to keep an eye out for the form and check the details. Research by the independent Electoral Commission indicates that recent home movers are far less likely to be registered than those that have lived at the same address for a long time. 

Across Great Britain, 96% of people who have been at their property for more than sixteen years will be registered, compared to 27% of people who have lived at an address for less than one year.

Melanie Davidson, Head of Support and Improvement at the Electoral Commission, said: “It’s really important that everyone who is entitled to vote is able to do so; checking the form that will arrive through the post is one of the easiest ways to find out if you are already registered. There’s lots of helpful information about registering to vote on our website”

More information 

For more information on responding to your household enquiry form or registering to vote visit our Register to vote page.

Residents who still have questions can contact the elections team at [email protected] or on 01737 276794.