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3. Apply for a premises licence

Click on the green button below to begin your application. Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with the information on this page as it is designed to assist you with your application. There is no provision to save your application midway through please note. 

Apply for a new premises licence 

Once you have submitted your application you must advertise your application at the premises and in a local newspaper. Further information is provided further down this page. 

What happens next

There has to be a 28-day public consultation period for anyone to make a representation.

You have to:

  • put a notice on your premises within 24 hours for the consultation period explaining your application.
  • publish an advertisement notice within 10 days in the local press.

Interested parties and responsible authorities may contact us to make representations about the application. These are statements supporting or opposing the application, and inform the decision we make. The Council will send copies of your application to the responsible authorities. 

If we don't receive any representations within the 28-day consultation, we will grant the application.

If we do receive any representations, we will hold a hearing to make a decision. A licensing officer will contact you to tell you more about this should this occur.

Any new licence will remain in force indefinitely (e.g. unless surrendered or revoked etc). There will be an annual fee for your licence which will be payable on the anniversary of the date of grant of your licence.

Will Tacit Consent apply?

Yes. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from us at the end of 28-days consulting period. 

Where tacit consent is applicable, it will only apply for licences / registrations that are submitted electronically, or the business can show proof of delivery from a post office or recognised courier.