Enforcement Agents

If you fail to get in touch after you have been issued with a court summons, and an attachment to earnings or benefit is not possible, we may ask enforcement agents to come to your home to take control of goods to sell.

The money raised goes towards paying your debt plus the recovery costs. The enforcement agent will send you a letter before their first visit stating how much you owe and requiring payment within 7 days.

You can contact the enforcement agent and offer to come to an agreement on payment. It is important to do this as soon as you receive the letter to minimise fees that will be added to your bill.

Council employed enforcement agents

The Council employs the following Enforcement Agents:

Additional fees

When a debt is passed to an enforcement agent the additional fees payable are:

  • Compliance Stage (from date of receipt of instruction by enforcement agent until before first visit) - £75
  • Enforcement Stage (from date of first visit) - £235 (plus 7.5% of amount above £1,500, if the debt is above £1,500)
  • Sale Stage - £110 plus the debtor has to pay the storage and auctioneer's fees.