Westvale Park, Horley

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council is working in partnership with Surrey County Council (SCC) and Westvale Park Consortium, a group of house builders, to build a new sustainable community and deliver 1,510 homes and associated infrastructure by the end of 2023.

Update - November 2022

New homes

1,226 new homes have been completed as of September 2022. All 1,510 new homes are forecast to be completed by the end of 2023, except the eighty flats above the Neighbourhood centre which will be completed in early 2024.

New homes on the Westvale Park developmentPlay areas

Six of the seventeen play areas on Westvale Park are open and have been successfully transferred to Reigate & Banstead Borough Council. They are:

  • Moy Green Drive Play Area, Moy Green Drive
  • Oak Tree, Moy Green Drive
  • Wicks Farm Play Area, Peach Road  
  • Knowles Road Play Area, Knowles Road
  • Myrtle Play Area, Knowles Road
  • Campbell Grove Play Area, Campbell Grove 

The land transfer process from the developers to the council takes a long time because of the different landowners involved in each parcel of land.

Four more play areas are under construction by the consortium of house builders, and they are:

  • Drewell Play Area, Denshire Field Road
  • Eames Play Area, Eames Crescent
  • Gardenia Play Area, Webber Street
  • Hoadley Road Play Area, Hoadley Road

The new Knowles Road play area at the Westfield Park development


The new access road from the A23 into the development, known as Hoadley Road, has been constructed with a temporary surface whilst the houses are built in phases four and five of the development. It is currently only open to construction traffic and residents of the new phases. This road will eventually be open to all connecting the new phases with the existing development across Meath Green Lane via the new junction. Meath Green Lane is open, but not the cross-over from Webber Street to Hoadley Road which is currently closed whilst construction in phase 4 and 5 is ongoing.

The Traffic Regulation Order to implement traffic calming measures in Meath Green Lane (D334) has been authorised by the Cabinet Member for Highways at Surrey County Council and will come into effect once the Meath Green Lane Junction has been opened. The Consortium and Highways at Surrey County Council are looking at safe pedestrian routes across and along Meath Green Lane.

Riverside Green Chain

View of path, fencing, grass and tress in the Riverside green chainPhase one of the Riverside Green Chain, a natural, green environment surrounding the development, has been constructed, and the footpaths have been laid. It will be transferred to Reigate & Banstead Borough Council once the planting is established and the Council is satisfied with the finish.  

New outdoor sports facilities in Horley

Section 106 (S106) developer contributions have been secured for a Town Park These contributions can be used for site acquisition, capital costs of laying out the Town Park and revenue costs for maintenance. The terms of the S106s provide flexibility for the Council in how the Town Park is delivered. It allows for the Town Park to be provided within a six-mile radius of Horley town centre.

An assessment of various sites for new outdoor sports facilities in Horley is being carried out and the options will be consulted upon early in 2023.

Neighbourhood centre and neighbourhood hall

Plan of Westvale Park neighbourhood centre, off Webber StreetThe construction of the Neighbourhood Centre containing new retail units, a health facility, offices and eighty flats is anticipated to begin in the January 2023. The building of the Neighbourhood Hall, off Webber Street, is also expected to begin in the January 2023. Planning permission was granted in December 2020 for both the Neighbourhood Centre and Hall.

Neighbourhood Hall survey

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council circulated a survey to the residents of Westvale Park about the new Neighbourhood Hall to get the community’s input into the plans for the hall. The information provided will help shape the way in which this community facility is managed and run when it is completed in 2023.

The Survey results have been circulated via the Westvale Park Residents Facebook group.

Medical facility

The offer of a Medical Facility within the Neighbourhood Centre (building) to serve the residents of Westvale Park has been turned down by NHS Surrey Heartlands Health Care Partnership and Sussex and Surrey Healthcare NHS Trust. The site has been marketed for a number of years and alternative uses will need to be explored early in 2023.

Faith site

Westvale Community Church Trust have submitted a planning pre-application for the development of the faith site off Killick Road, Westvale Park. The planning pre-application has been considered and a number of revisions requested. Revised plans are expected to be submitted to Reigate & Banstead Borough Council shortly.

Public art

We will be working in partnership with Westvale Park Consortium to deliver public art installations to build a sense of place and will be engaging with residents early in 2023 to get their input.


The planning application (reference 04/02120/OUT) for the construction of two allotment sites, associated storage, toilet facilities, access road and parking are currently being determined by the Council. The intention is that once built, the allotments will be transferred to Horley Town Council to manage. 

More information

We are committed to working in partnership with Surrey County Council and Westvale Park Consortium of house builders to build a new sustainable community with the associated infrastructure, creating a sense of place. 

The housebuilders are:

Relevant documents

Planning applications

You can use the planning application search facility for more information on this development by simply searching on a postcode or Westvale Park.

Useful references:

  • North West Sector (Westvale Park) Outline planning application (04/02120/OUT)
  • Neighbourhood Centre and Neighbourhood Hall reserve matters application (04/02120/RM3C)
  • Allotments planning application (reference 04/02120/OUT)


Westvale Park Residents Association

  • Westvale Park Residents’ Association has recently formed. The Residents' Association (RA) is a local group, made up of local residents who represent the interests of everyone living in the area. They are set up for everyone to join and membership is open to all local residents (tenants and leaseholders). For further information email: info@thewestvaleparkra.org.uk.

Specialist Property Asset Management Ltd 

  • This is the management company for Westvale and Karen McIntyre is Property Manager. There is a dedicated team that will be able to discuss any issues that the residents may have and they can be contacted at propertymanagement@specialistpm.com.

Westvale Consortium

  • Mark Dadswell at Westvale Consortium. Mark and his company are responsible for delivering the infrastructure on Westvale Park on behalf of the Consortium of housebuilders and can be contacted at mark.dadswell@allendadswell.co.uk.

Reigate & Banstead Borough Council

  • Natalia Achilleos, Senior Planning Officer, is responsible for determining all planning applications related to the site and ensuring the delivery of the Section 106 agreement for the development and can be contacted at Natalia.Achilleos@reigate-banstead.gov.uk.

Surrey County Council (SCC)

  • SCC is responsible for ensuring that all highways, drains, footpaths, cycle paths are built to an acceptable standard and that public transport is provided to the development. They will eventually adopt and be responsible for some of the roads that run through the development and some of the street lighting. 
  • Please report any highways issues on SCC's roads and transport page.
  • You can report street lighting issues on SCC's street lights page.

For any other enquiries, please email regeneration@reigate-banstead.gov.uk for further information.