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4. A community vision for Horley

Building on the vision for Horley town centre developed in 2015 by the Horley Town Management Group, local stakeholders and residents have come together again, working with the local councils in the area, to help bring to life their ambition for Horley.

It involved local residents, local volunteer groups and organisations, schools, cultural organisations, local employers, town centre businesses, health partners, and many other local stakeholders working together, with support from Surrey County Council, Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, and Horley Town Council to re-imagine the future of Horley.

This work is particularly important in light of what is happening to towns across the UK, the impact of Covid-19, even more people shopping online and changes to how and where we live and work.

Building on all the work carried out to date and the things that already make Horley special, the ‘Make It Happen Horley’ action plan will help to shape the future of the town and encourage it to prosper.

To read more see the Surrey County Council website: