Council procedures following a planning submission

7. Step 7 - The Council may negotiate amendments to the application.

During the assessment of the application and in order to reach a positive decision wherever possible, the Council may wish to negotiate on some points of the application.

In order to minimise delay in reaching a decision the following principles will be applied:

  • Where the development is considered unacceptable in principle, the Council will not seek to negotiate on matters of detail;
  • The Council will normally only afford one opportunity for amendments to be made before proceeding to a decision;
  • In requesting amendments, planning officers will give their assessment of the proposal and its relationship with the surrounding area and may summarise any relevant third party comments if necessary;
  • The planning officer will set a time limit for the submission of amended plans;
  • Officers will make a judgement on whether amended plans should be the subject of further consultation and neighbour notification. It is the Council's practice to do this where practical;
  • Where planning officers consider that a proposal is unacceptable and that a necessary amendment would profoundly change the nature or content of the scheme, you may be asked to withdraw the application and make a fresh submission. If the application is not withdrawn, a decision will be made on the basis of the application as it stands.