Council procedures following a planning submission

5. Step 5 - The application is assessed against Government guidance and Council policy

The government has set out strict planning guidelines and regulations that we must follow by law.

Some areas are subject to stricter controls, e.g. the green belt, conservation areas, areas of outstanding natural beauty, residential areas of special character, etc.

In addition to this the Council has its own planning objectives, which are

  • Preserving local character - what makes a place what it is
  • Protecting the green belt and urban open spaces
  • Preserving and enhancing our historic areas and buildings
  • Improving design - new buildings should be of the highest architectural standard and look like they belong here
  • Sustainable development - limiting traffic generation and other environmental damage, such as flooding, by new developments, and promoting greater energy efficiency
  • Giving the community an opportunity to participate in planning for its future

For further details of the planning policies that may be referred to in assessing your application, see our section on planning policies.