Council Tax charges 2023-2024

This page is intended to help if you are looking for information about Council Tax charges for 2023-2024. Below is a table showing the Council Tax for each property band for 2023-2024.

Around 75% of the charge goes to Surrey County Council, 14% to Surrey Police and 11% to Reigate & Banstead, to provide services in the borough.

Residents in the area served by Horley Town Council pay an additional charge for the services provided by the Town Council. Residents living in the area covered by Salfords and Sidlow Parish Council pay an additional charge for the services provided by the Parish Council.

The Council Tax attributable to Surrey County Council includes a precept to fund adult social care. The percentage increases shown on your Council Tax bill for both Surrey County Council's core charge and their adult social care precept are represented as percentages of Surrey County Council's total charge from 2022-2023, instead of as percentages of the individual elements of the charge.

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Council Tax charges for 2023-2024


Horley Town Council Area

Salfords and Sidlow Parish Area

Rest of Borough % Properties in band
A £1,522.08 £1,510.06 £1,490.24 1.81%
B £1,775.76 £1,761.72 £1,738.61 6.56% 
C £2,029.44 £2,013.40 £1,986.98 20.04% 
D £2,283.12 £2,265.08 £2,235.36 28.21% 
E £2,790.48 £2,768.44 £2,732.11 18.05% 
F £3,297.84 £3,271.78 £3,228.85 11.89% 
G £3,805.20 £3,775.14 £3,725.60 11.69%
H £4,566.24 £4,530.16 £4,470.72 1.75%

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