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Current consultations

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We frequently ask our residents, businesses and others with a stake in our services for their views and feedback on our proposals, policies and services, as well as what it is like to live, work or do business in Reigate & Banstead. 

When new public consultations are opened, we will publish them here. We also publicise them, such as through social media, direct to customers and through the local media. We provide updates on this page after consultations have closed to tell you what we found out and what happens next. If you are interested in hearing about the council's consultations, please follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

If you are looking for information about other aspects of local democracy, such as elections or council meetings, please visit the Your Council section of our website.

Your data

Sometimes we collect your data when you take part in our consultations. Information about our responsibilities around this and how we use your data is available on our Privacy Notice page.

Closed consultations

These consultations have recently finished:

Residents' survey

MEL Research are carrying out a residents’ survey on behalf of the council. This is the first of a series of three surveys planned for the next few years. The survey research took place from Wednesday 16 September until Sunday 25 October 2020.

The aim of this work is to gather views on a range of topics such as the environment, residents' communications preferences and Covid-19 to help the council understand what is important to residents, how we are doing and what we could do differently. The survey results will also collect important feedback on whether local people think the commitments made in the council’s Five Year Plan are starting to be met.

Research has been carried out via an online survey emailed to a sample of residents and by telephone. Residents not invited to take part were able to complete the survey if they wished via a weblink which was open from 16 September to 5 October 2020. Future surveys will take place face to face if social distancing guidelines allow.

MEL Research is analysing the results. We will publish summary results of the survey here.

Your privacy

Any data collected by MEL Research will be used for research purposes only. MEL Research abides by the Market Research Society Code of Conduct at all times and GDPR. You can find out more information about MEL Research and what they do with the information they collect in their privacy notice. If you took part in the survey and have any questions or concerns about the research, please call the free MEL helpline on 0800 073 0348.

Redhill Public Space Protection Order review

This consultation is part of a review of the Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) that covers Redhill town centre and Memorial Park and has been in place since 2017. The council is considering extending the order for up to a further three years and would like the views of residents, businesses, workers, shoppers and other visitors in Redhill. 

Read a summary of the results of the consultation and find out the next steps.

The Redhill PSPO webpage explains more about the order but briefly, it gives the council and police extra powers to tackle anti-social behaviour. By intervening early, the police and the council hope to prevent anti-social behaviour escalating into a crime. The PSPO means the council and police can require someone to stop carrying out one of the behaviours listed in the order. If they do not stop, they can be fined (that is, issued with a fixed penalty notice). They could ultimately be summonsed to court or, in certain circumstances, be arrested.

A full list of the behaviours the order regulates and a map of the area it covers is on the PSPO webpage and was included in the survey. The consultation was open from Monday 6 July until 5pm Monday 17 August.

Merstham Recreation Ground 

We have been consulting residents and users of Merstham Recreation Ground about plans to improve it. The consultation, which includes a survey for over 18s and one for young people, was open from Wednesday 9 September until Monday 5 October 2020. More information about the project, draft proposals and surveys is available on our Merstham Rec pages. We will share the results and next steps soon.

Dogs PSPOs

The council consulted users of parks and open spaces about the Public Space Protection Orders that regulate dogs' behaviour in those areas. The survey was open from 27 August 2020 until 26 September 2020.

The regulations form Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) for each park or open space. There are two further PSPOs covering all open space in the borough and the borough's roads, footways and verges. Where a person responsible for a dog does not follow the requirements of the PSPO/s, the council may issue them with a fixed penalty notice of £80 or, ultimately they may be prosecuted with a maximum £1,000 penalty on conviction.

These orders have been in place for three years and must now be reviewed before the council can decide whether to renew them or not. The aim of this consultation was to gather feedback through surveys from people who use parks and open spaces about the orders. There are over 90 PSPOs covering the borough. Some parks, particularly larger parks and open spaces, are covered by more than one order. To simplify the survey process, participants were asked to give their feedback on the park they are interested in through one of four surveys: Banstead and surrounding villages, Reigate, Redhill and Horley. Participants could only give feedback on one park at a time but the surveys can be completed multiple times and participants could comment on parks in any part of the borough. Supporting information summarising what the PSPOs cover was provided via the surveys (and below) with a request that participants read it when answering the questions. 

Supporting information for the Banstead area is available on this website and via the survey.
Supporting information for the Horley area is available on this website and via the survey.
Supporting information for the Redhill area is available on this website and via the survey.
Supporting information for the Reigate area is available on this website and via the survey.

These surveys closed at 11pm on 26 September 2020. Next, the council will review the results of the surveys and other evidence before deciding whether to renew, revise or end each of the PSPOs. The council's decisions will be available via this webpage later in 2020.

Supplementary Planning Documents Consultation

Following adoption of the Development Management Plan and changes to national policy and guidance, the Council consulted on four revised Supplementary Planning Documents to provide additional guidance to implementing Core Strategy and Development Management Plan policies:

• Affordable housing
• Barn and farm conversions
• Historic parks and gardens
• Reigate shopfront design.

The consultation documents are available in the Emerging section of our Supplementary Planning Documents page. The consultation was open from Monday 6 January until Saturday 8 February 2020.

Borough News readership

This survey asked residents for their views on our twice yearly magazine for residents, Borough News, and closed on 21 October. We reported on the results in the spring issue of the magazine.

Community Infrastructure Levy Local Fund

The council has a fund from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), a fixed charge that councils collect from property developers to help fund infrastructure and improvement projects. That fund can be used to support local projects. This survey asked residents and others with an interest in the borough about the spending priorities for parts of the borough they were involved with, such as where they live or work. The survey also invited projects ideas that would benefit from CIL funding. 

Nearly 400 people completed the survey, with many suggesting projects for their areas. A summary of the survey findings, such as residents' priorities is on the CIL Local Fund webpage together with information on next steps.  

Reigate & Banstead 2025: our five year plan 

This plan sets out our proposed priorities for the five years to 2025 and explains how we will focus our resources and deliver services to those living, working in and visiting Reigate & Banstead. We consulted residents over the summer of 2019 about our draft plan. During the eight weeks of the consultation we received over 600 survey responses containing over 1,000 comments, with further feedback given via social media, face to face conversations and email. A summary of feedback we received from the survey and our responses to the comments is on the Corporate Plan webpage. 

Other consultations

  • Summer holiday activities: We asked for feedback from parents and carers about the range of summer holiday activities we offered this summer because we would like to know if children and their parents like what we offer or if they have suggestions for improvements, new activities and so on. It was open to all parents and carers in the borough whether their children took part in activities this year or no. The survey closed on 30 September 2019. 
  • Pest control: we surveyed of a sample of pest control customers in August to measure their overall satisfaction with the service.

  • Work local. Our survey to understand people's views about working locally and commuting closed in June 2019.