Protecting and enhancing the biodiversity of the borough's beautiful green spaces is important for tackling climate change. As well as providing us with food and clean water, the natural environment stores carbon, regulates the climate and provides natural protection from flooding and erosion.

The Council owns and manages around 3,000 acres of rich and diverse countryside, including three Sites of Special Scientific Interest and some very rare and important habitats:

  • Ancient woodlands, such as Banstead Woods - thought to have been woodland since the end of the last ice age (about 12,000 years ago)
  • Chalk downland, such as Reigate Hill, Chipstead Downs, Stagbury Downs, Banstead Wildlife Field and Hooley Meadows, is good for spotting butterflies, birds and orchids
  • Lowland heath, such as Reigate Heath, is one of our most threatened habitats

Here are some ideas for where to go and free activities for the summer.

Ideas to 'go wild' and useful links


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