Reigate Heath

Reigate Heath is designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), one of the most important wildlife designations nationally and a Local Nature Reserve (LNR). It is an important example of the lowland heath habitat, including the heather and acid grassland.

The site also has a number of Bronze Age burial mounds (3-5000 years old) which have been designated Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

In the Bronze Age, the Heath was largely clear of trees. Around this time, a cemetery was established on the Heath; the burial mounds (tumuli) are still visible today

Minutes of the Reigate Heath Management Steering Group

Reigate Heath's richness, diversity and history enthuse people in a remarkable number of ways. It seems that everyone has their own individual relationship with the Heath.

For some it is simply a place to walk but for many it satisfies a wide range of needs from the practical (walking the dog) to the spiritual (‘an oasis of calm’); as important for its peace and tranquillity as for its recreational opportunities; as loved for its rich and varied wildlife as for its testimony to the life history of Reigate.

Reigate Heath Management Plan

Reigate Heath Management Plan Maps