Your refuse bin

The recycling and refuse service is detailed on Your recycling and refuse collection service pages.

Refuse bin arrangements

The council operates a wheeled bin refuse collection service. Each property must use a wheeled bin, unless it has been decided that use of a bin is impractical e.g. if the property has access problems.

The council’s policy is to collect one bin with the lid closed, per household.

The following items cannot be taken in your wheeled bin:

  • garden waste
  • paper and card
  • domestic DIY waste
  • soil, stone, rubble
  • items heavier than 15 kg
  • needles and clinical waste
  • paint tins
  • chemicals
  • business waste

The standard domestic refuse bin is 140 litres. For larger families, there is an option to purchase a second 140 litre refuse bin using the following link to the Replacement and additional bins form. If you currently use a 240 litre bin and would like a smaller bin, we will gladly exchange it for free.

If you move

If you are planning to move to a property, you need to check whether the previous occupier is leaving the wheeled bin. If not, you as the resident will be responsible for purchasing a new compatible standard 140 litre wheeled bin, so that the household waste can be collected. The containers must be compatible with Reigate & Banstead's specifications, please contact us for further information.

If your property does not have a wheeled bin, these can be purchased through our website. For information on the cost of a refuse bin, please visit our recycling and refuse fees and charges page. 

If you use wheeled bin liners for your refuse bin, the liners can be purchased from most major supermarkets.

Unsuitable property for a wheeled bin

If a resident believes that their property is unsuitable to have a wheeled bin, the resident can apply in writing to Neighbourhood Services to have the property assessed for the black sack service provision. Properties built after 1997 cannot apply for the black sack service, as the properties should have been designed to accommodate the provision and collection of a wheeled bin.

If you are moving into a new domestic property, the 140 litre refuse bin, 140 litre mixed recycling bin, 23 litre food waste caddy and black paper recycling box should be provided by the developer as part of their planning obligations.

Living in a flat or shared property

There are three sizes of communal bins for use in flats; either 360, 660 or 1100 litre containers.

Our policy is to collect all refuse that is contained within the communal bins. This would not include bulky items placed in the communal bin or fly-tipped in the communal area such as chairs and TVs.

It is the responsibility of the Landlord, Management Company or Housing Association to provide sufficient containers and for clearing any excess waste not placed in the communal bins, as well as the repair of the bin. The containers must be compatible with our specifications, please contact us for further information.