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  2. 2. Littering
  3. 3. Community litter picking
  4. 4. Fly tipping
  5. 5. Enforcing clean streets
  6. 6. Street sweeping
  7. 7. Leaf clearance

This section gives information about what we do to keep the borough clean for everyone to enjoy.

Our work involves regular cleaning, as well as responding to incidents (such as clearing fly tips and removing graffiti) and enforcement. We spend over £1 million each year on street cleansing.  

Regular cleaning

We carry out regular litter picking, street sweeping and leaf clearance and clean the following areas daily:

  • major shopping areas
  • local shopping areas
  • village centres
  • Green Spaces

Litter and dog bins

We provide litter bins in places where we expect them to be needed most, including:

  • shopping areas 
  • promenades
  • car parks
  • adjacent to educational establishments
  • areas identified as litter hot spots

Dog and litter bins are emptied one to three times a week depending on their location and usage. Bagged dog waste can be disposed of in general litter bins as well as dog bins.

You can report a problem of a full, damaged or missing bin.

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