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How we deal with anti-social behaviour

Reports of anti-social behaviour in the borough are considered at the monthly Community Harm and Risk Management (CHARMM). This is a multi-agency group whose members include:

  • Borough Council Officers
  • Raven Housing Trust Neighbourhood Managers
  • Surrey Police Neighbourhood Specialists
  • Youth Offending Team
  • Surrey County Council Youth Development Officer
  • Others according to the agenda content.

This group considers the severity of the reported anti-social behaviour and decides appropriate action. This follows a three-step process:

1. Anti-social behaviour letters to parents of young people under 18

When the offender is part of a larger group creating a disturbance and his/her actual role is unclear, a letter signed by the police and Borough Council officers is sent to parents of all group members, informing them of their child’s behaviour and asking them to take steps to remedy it. 

These have proven to be an effective early preventative warning in many cases, and further involvement in anti-social behaviour may cease at this stage.

2. Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC)

These can be sent as a first or second step when an individual’s direct behaviour has been witnessed.

If the offender is under 18, the officers involved (usually a police officer and a housing officer) will visit their home where the ABC will be presented for signing in the presence of the young person’s parent or guardian and will be witnessed by the attending officer.

Compliance with the conditions of the ABC will be monitored by the relevant officers and reviewed at the CHARMM after 6 months.

If the conditions are complied with for a full year, the ABC will be cancelled by the CHARMM and the recipient informed accordingly.

3. Further measures

If the conditions of an ABC are not complied with, or the offender refuses to sign, this may be included as evidence towards an Injunction, Community Protection Notice or Criminal Behaviour Order.