Keeping the borough clean

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  1. 1. Keeping the borough clean
  2. 2. Littering
  3. 3. Community litter picking
  4. 4. Fly tipping
  5. 5. Enforcing clean streets
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6. Street sweeping

Street sweeping is part of our ongoing regular cleaning activity 

There are six sweepers; two truck mounted road sweepers and four smaller sweepers that we use to regularly clean the roads, car parks and pavements around the borough.

Sweeping schedule

  • Town Centre Shopping areas - are swept daily by our sweeper teams from before the morning commute.
  • Roads – the main roads are cleansed every week and minor roads are swept twice a year.

Parked cars

Where cars are parked, it is not always possible to sweep or cleanse around them, in particular where there is a risk of damage to the parked car.

Private Roads

Private roads are not maintainable at the public expense irrespective of any access rights to the public. There should be a managing agent who should be carrying out cleaning and maintenance of the road/pathways.